1495 Sports Impact Wrestling results 7/12/12

Hulk Hogan joined TNA in late 2009.

Hulk Hogan joined TNA in late 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those Impact Wrestling fans wanting to see the results for the 7/12/12 episode and the beginning of the reign of Austin Aries as World Heavyweight Championbegins tonight.

Fans can check out the page below for the complete recap and thoughts from this longtime professional wrestling fan!

Bully Ray def. Joseph Park in an Anything Goes bout: Bully immediately uses his veteran edge to beat down on the inexperienced Park. Trash cans, chairs and other weapons have been brought into the match. Ray brings in the thumbtacks a la The Monster Abyss before cutting a heel promo.

Park with the low blow and the kendo stick to get the two count. Steel chain wrapped around the fist of Bully Ray, who connects with a blow to the head to get the victory. At the sight of his own blood Joseph Park pulls out the Black Hole slam on The Bully to make a statement that the attorney is one not to be messed with.

Bully Ray is in the back looking scared for his life, wondering who the man that pulled the Black Hole slam was.

Rob Van Dam def. Samoa Joe for points in the Bound For Glory Series: The whole bout Joe tried to get the submission victory, which  may have host him vital points. RVD being the cagey veteran he is used the inside cradle to pick-up some huge points, as the master of the Five-Star Frog Splash now sits tied for Fifth Pace with 14 points in the BFG Series.

Hulk Hogan and Sting have called out the group known as Aces and Eights.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian come out to cut a promo about their feud with A.J. Styles. Kazarian to Styles: This is just the beginning. Claire Lynch, who was in the middle of the Styles, Dixie Carter ‘baby daddy’ storyline comes out. The Phenomenal One comes to the rescue.

This fan had hoped that the story between Styles, Lynch and Daniels would be finished, but someone-somewhere must like the idea of ripping one of the companies brightest stars to pieces. Stay tuned folks.

 X-Division Champ Zema Ion def. Dakota Darsow takes on new  after the commercial break: Impressive bout by both young-lions, but in the end Ion got the victory, and proved why he is going to be a very dangerous champ by showing the devastating neck-breaker move.

New Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries arrives. Aries “Great day to be great, great day to be the new champ.” The camp continues to say, “Great moment for professional wrestling.” Austin says that he is ready to lead wrestling to the next boom period. Here comes Bobby Roode.

The former champ is unable to get the words out of his mouth. Roode believes that the victory was a fluke, but Aries is in fact the new champion. That segment alone has fans wanting more from these two rivals, and here is hoping Impact gives it to them.

Hogan/Sting in the office discussing Aces and 8’s. Devon Garrett Bischoff come in to say that the duo has the legends backs.

The Icon Sting is set to make his return to New York, as Impact Wrestling will do a show at MCU Park (home of the Brooklyn Cyclones) on July 21.

Brooke Hogan going to join the play-by-play crew for the Tessmacher/Gail Kim battle for the Knockouts Championship.

Miss. Tessmacher def. Gail Kim via the flying elbow, great bout between these two ladies who gave it their all in this one.

Interview with Magnus backstage, who challenges James Storm or anyone else to gain the edge in the Bound for Glory series. Stay tuned.

Kurt Angle def. Mr. Anderson: Angle and Anderson are hitting each other with their best shots, great back-and-forth action. Kurt is able to earn vital points in the BFG series with the Angle Slam. The Olympic Gold Medalist now has 27 points, good for Third Place in his quest to become the number one contender at the pay-per-view in October.

Bobby Roode is in Hulk Hogan’s office demanding a rematch, Hogan recommends to do so next week on Open Fight Night.

Sting and Hogan combine forces to call out the group known as Aces and Eights, but the Immortal One cannot be found thus far-entrance music is hit twice and thus far no luck.

The group known as Aces and Eights have left the Immortal One a bloody mess, and use thug tactics to attack Sting. Impact ends with the heel group attacking the Icon.

It feels somewhat disappointing to this fan, who has had to sit through both the Immortal and the Main Event Mafia storylines to now have this Aces and Eights group with Impact Wrestling. It had felt like the time was going to be used to highlight great wrestling, and instead it is being used for a heel group, who is going to once again hold the Impact brand hostage.

Seems like a shame for not only the fans, but the talent who work for the company. This fan is hopeful that maybe something good can come from this storyline, but as always stay tuned!

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