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1495 Sports New York Jets quotes from Day Two of Mini-Camp

1495 Sports is proud to bring these quotes from Day Two of New York Jets Mini-Camp, as Antonio Cromartie, David Harris and Brandon Moore all chatted with members of the New York media.

*Cromartie had this to say on the performance of the defense this year versus last:

“I am not going to say that it is.  Yeah, we finished rough but we said we are a better group than that.  We have to play up to the level that we are capable of.  I think that is one thing that we are working on this year, communicating what we need to do, flying to the ball, just doing the things that we know how to do best and letting our pass rushers be pass rushers.  We are just going out and doing the simple things right now, just trying to put all of the pieces together. “

*If going back to Cortland for training camp will be positive for the team:

“I definitely think so.  I think it is good for us to have a full off-season.  I think the rookies got in and they got to run a bit more.  They didn’t have to get thrown into the fire.  You know what to expect out of everyone right now going into our training camp.  I think this is going to help out a lot with the camaraderie of the team as well.  Being here last year in New Jersey and having training camp here, it was a lot because we (weren’t around our teammates).  Everyone was going home.  We didn’t have guys in dorms which changed the camaraderie of our team.  I think that is something that Rex is really good at.  Like he said he wants to have the pulse of the team.”

*On wearing a black jersey at practice:

“As guys we have talked about it, black with green with a little bit of white, maybe grey in it.  I think that would look real good.  Mike Tannenbaum, if you’re listening to this, yeah I just said it. (joking)  It’s just a jersey.  It’s all about the decal that goes on the helmet and the guys that you play with.  If you know a guy is playing 100% for you, you want to give 100%, that’s just the tempo we have been trying to set this off-season. “

*Linebacker David Harris had this to say on the defense setting a high standard for itself:

“Yeah, it’s a very high bar. But this is New York, there is a lot of expectations and it’s a tough crowd.”

*His thoughts on the four-man rush looks the defense has shown:

“Yeah, it’s the same defense it’s just that everybody’s in different positions. Quinton Coples, who’s very athletic for his size, he really loves it. With so many different choices in our front four with the things that he’s able to do and he has tremendous upside. Hopefully it’ll carry over into the season.”

*How the spring has been for the defense:

“I think it’s been a great spring for the defense. I think a lot of the younger guys have stepped up. They stepped into the system; they ask their coaches questions and get up to speed. A lot of guys on defense have made it a goal to become faster and lighter on their feet and better conditioned. They sought that out themselves. I think you have to like what you see by the way we’re practicing. ”

*Guard Brandon Moore had this to say on how much the offseason has helped the team:

“It’s good to get some extra time together, especially with a new offense. It kind of sets the stage to be a part of the process to try and be a productive team. ”

*On how good the offense will be as the year goes on:

“I mean, we’re in shorts, pajamas as Tony Sparano likes to say. We got a lot accomplished. We’ll know more as we go along. You’re only as good as once the season starts and each game you play. I saw some good things on how we can attack people but those are going to come down to execution up front, in the back field, and with the quarterback making decisions and the receivers being where they need to be. That’ll be an indicator.”

*Moore gave these thoughts on how he is getting ready for Cortland:

“Some rest, conditioning, lifting, getting ready for camp and just enjoying your free time cause you won’t have any for a while. If you feel like it, (spend a) little extra time with your (play) book. Just open it up and keeping things fresh for a little bit. (Just) get away, as coach told me a long time ago, just enjoy your time with your family. “

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