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1495 Sports New York Jets Coaches Chat

The New York Jets continued OTA’s this week and head coach Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano took time to chat with members of the New York media on various topics concerning Gang Green.

Rex Ryan seen giving back to the community talked to members of the media during OTA’s this week. Photo by: Stacy Podelski

*Here is Coach Ryan’s Opening statement on OTA’s this week:

“Well, it’s OTAs. It was great to be out there today. Weather was fantastic. I like the energy and the tempo that is out there. I think we all see it. I like the way the draft picks, especially the top three draft picks (look). They look like they belong.  We saw Stephen Hill caught another big pass. Quinton Coples looks like he’s killing it pretty good out there.”

*On Coach Sparano and how the offense is moving along:

“Well I love Coach Sparano’s passion. He is great; he is as passionate a guy as I’ve ever been around.  He can coach every position, I don’t care what it is, quarterback, left guard, receiver, he can coach ‘em all and it is great to watch.”

*On how Shonn Greene can benefit to Coach Sparano’s offense:

“I think he’ll benefit a great deal. I do. We want to be a run-first team. In other words, bring them all in there (by the line of scrimmage) and we’ll throw it. Now we can throw it over your head, we can do it whenever. We want to be a physical football team. You’re going to know it. So we’re not going to disappoint you. We’re going to give the ball to Shonn Greene a bunch.”

*On Aaron Maybin’s offense:

“I think he’s just scratched the surface. I think having Karl Dunbar here and Anthony Weaver really working on his pass-rush will really help.  I think he is going to be one of the big guys that benefit from having Dunbar here. I expect him to have a big year rushing the passer for us. He is getting to know the system better and I think there are going to be some things that we can do with him.”

*On the Darelle Revis contract situation:

“I’m not going to get into the contract stuff. You can talk to the Revis camp about that. My thing is I’m excited about this upcoming season and having Revis there, there is no doubt.”

*On how Tim Tebow has progressed since last week:

“I think he has done well. Each time you’re going to have some good days and some bad. I think he has done well, everyone is just learning this system. “

*Coach Sparano had this to say on how both Tebow and Mark Sanchez have looked:

“I think all of them have been doing really well. I think Mark has done some really nice things right now and Tim has also had some really good days. All of the quarterbacks have done a really nice job understanding the offense and starting to push the tempo. I’ve been impressed with how they’ve handled it.”

*On what he has seen from Stephen Hill:

“He has been really good out there on the practice field right now. Through all the workouts and the opportunities we’ve had in the draft, we’ve seen a lot of great things out of him. We’ve seen a lot of great things out of him. Mentally he’s kept up with everything and has made some big plays here out there.”

*On how Shonn Green fits in his philosophy:

“He fits in pretty well. I mean Shonn is a physical back. I remember watching this guy come out in college, watching his college tape. It was tremendous. He’s built the right way. He gets his shoulders squared to the line of scrimmage, he breaks tackles, and he runs with the right pad level. To me, he has all the qualities I look for in those A-back players. You’ve heard that thrown around in the draft a little bit. An A-back is that big, physical back-Shonn is that type of guy.”

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