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Podelski to launch 1495 Sports

Logo for 1495 Sports

Veteran sports journalist Stacy Podelski announced on Thursday the launch of 1495 Sports, which will be a multi-media site featuring sports recaps, videos and pictures from all of your favorite New York sports teams, as well as WWE recaps and results.

Podelski currently serves as a credentialed writer for the New York Mets and Islanders for the Examiner.com site. She has had the opportunity to run her first site with Smack Sports-NY which made great strides in terms of hits. As a direct result of Podelski’s sports coverage the website garnered 60,000 hits for 2011.

“It was great to have been able to been a part of the Smack Sports-NY brand, but now it is time for me to have my own site,” Podelski said of 1495 Sports. “I am very excited about 1495 Sports, and am very much looking forward to interacting with fans, and bringing them stories that they will feel are insightful and thoughtful.”

The numbers 1495 have very special significance in the life of Podelski, who has watched and played sports since her youth.

“The number 14 was the number that I wore when I played softball and basketball in high school, it was also on August 14, 1999 that I had successful double knee surgery so it has a very special place in my heart,” Podelski said. “The numbers nine and five have both also had a ton of significance in my life and anytime I’ve been around these four numbers it has been in a positive environment, and that is what I am hoping happens for the site as well.”

Podelski also continues, “I want 1495 Sports to be a place where people can go to get sports stories that make you feel good. With our ‘Athletes in Your Community’ section, it gives fans a place to go to see these athletes in action beyond the recaps.”

Having participated in the Girl Scouts when she was younger, Podelski also can be seen in a wide variety of non-profit events, as her Charity Walk Season supports many community related companies in the New York City area.

  “There is a ton of great content for fans to check out at 1495 Sports, as we have a team of some of the best sports journalists providing you the fans with thought provoking columns,” Podelski said. “1495 Sports is also going to be very active on Twitter and Facebook, so we are very much looking forward to interacting with our fans.”

Those fans interested in following us on Twitter can do so @1495Sports and for the fans on Facebook can like us by following the link below:


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