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Edgardo Alfonzo and Citi makes fans day with special autograph session

Edgardo Alfonzo and Citi makes fans day with special autograph session Photo by: Stacy Podelski

New York Mets-great Edgardo Alfonzo was on hand at the Avenue of Americas Citibank branch to make fans day and sign autographs, on a beautiful day in Manhattan. Alfonzo took time prior to the autograph session to chat with the Examiner.com and 1495 Sports sites on what he has been up to and his thoughts on the 2012 edition of the team.

On being at the event Alfonzo had this to say:

“I came here to meet with my fans (the Mets fans) who watched me play here I think it is a great opportunity to interact with them and to be able to tell them what I am doing now, sign a few autographs.” The infielder continued by saying, “The people of New York have been great to me when I played here and I always thought it was important to pay them back for their loyalty and support.”

When asked what he is doing now the former All-Star had this to say:

“I am still playing-I am playing winter ball I played in Venezuela and it was pretty good we had a good time we won the whole thing, we went to the World Series (Caribbean and Dominican) right now I am still in training and we will see what happens.”

Thoughts on the team:

“The team is doing pretty good so far I think it is going to be really interesting, I am very happy for them and I appreciate the people who come out to support the team.”

Who he has watched that has impressed him:

“Murphy is pretty good, Duda is going to be a guy to watch for, and Tejada has been great. Wright everyone knows what he can do and I have also been impressed with Thole who is a guy that I think will be a very good hitter. So far I think the team has great chemistry and I think everyone on the team is going to have a great future.” Alfonzo continued to say, “Hopefully they can keep it together and continue to play the way they have been lately.”

What it mean for him to play in NY and have success:

“My experience here was great here is where I learned to play baseball the fans were really a big part of my career they let you know when you can be doing better. New York has been a big part of my life, I enjoyed my time here they (New York fans) have given everything to me right now.”

How special is it to have a place in the 50 years of Mets history and to have a bobble head doll:

“It is really special, when they told me I was going to have my own bobble head I didn’t believe it,” Alfonzo said.  “I was surprised to be a part of this organization and to have people really recognize you and remember what you did for them it is something and I really appreciate it.”

The Great had this to say on his relationship with the team:

“I think it is big for me and my family to have the opportunity to stay connected with the Mets as an organization and to be able to come out to Citi Field and watch the games.  I always enjoy paying back the fans and to the Mets organization for everything that they have done for me.”

Keys to successful career in New York:

“I always tell the younger guys about how New York can treat you the right way when you play the game hard –if you play well they are going to love you, but if you are playing bad they will let you know how to play better I always tell the guys to be cool when dealing with all of the pressure of playing in NY, be nice to everyone.”

Message for the fans:

“I hope the fans come out to the Stadium tonight to watch the Mets play, and I wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate the great support they gave not only to me but to the Mets.”

Written on April 10, 2012 seen originally on the Examiner.com site below:


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