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Mr. Wilpon tear down those walls as Citi Field is scheduled to make big changes

After much deliberation and debate, the New York Mets announced on Monday that plans are in place to alter the layout of Citi Field. The team decided to lower some walls, move in others, while painting the entire fence blue.

The new dimensions will add roughly 140 seats to Citi’s capacity, and maybe more hitter friendly to the guys on the roster. This move may also work against the home team though, as it seems as if the visitors have always had success of hitting it out of the park.

Left field will get the first change, as the Mets are planning to have an eight-foot wall in front of the original 16-foot one, it will angle toward center forming a wedge-like shape. In that space 100 new seats will be added, including both traditional seats and bar stools.

Also getting changed will be the ‘Mo Zone’ where a new wall will cut off the existing irregularity.  The popular meeting place will now have an added 40 sets in home run territory.

Construction on the walls could begin as soon as mid-November, and is slated to take six to eight weeks.

Written on November 1, 2011

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