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1495 sports chat with New York Mets relief pitcher Jason Isringhausen

Photo posted for Jason Isringhausen 300th career save. Photo by: Stacy Podelski

New York Mets relief pitcher Jason Isringhausen took time out of his day before Game Two against the Milwaukee Brewers on Saturday to chat about recording his 300th career save, and what keeps him hungry to play at the Major League level. Jumbotron sign celebrating Jason Isringhausen’s 300th career save on Friday night.

1495sports has all the details and thoughts with this pre-game interview:

*On being able to achieve the milestone Isringhausen had this to say:

“It is nice getting it, and I thank the Mets organization for letting me come here and trying it. I’m glad it is over with though, not worrying about anything else now, except just trying to win baseball games.”

*Thoughts on the award ceremony the team had for him before Game One yesterday:

“It was nice; all of the pitchers got together and got me something really nice, it was a really nice couple of days. I appreciate it and now I am trying to get some things together for everyone-it was very humbling to say the least.”

*What has kept him hungry/inspired him to keep playing baseball:

“The only thing that keeps me going is the competition-the competition is fun. I really enjoy being on the mound pitching. I don’t always enjoy some of the other nonsense that comes along with it, but I can’t get that competition or adrenaline flow anywhere else but here. Until I lose that drive I still want to do it.”

*Best piece of advice given by other players throughout his career:

“Just don’t take anything for granted. The easiest thing is getting here, the hard part is staying-and I think that was probably the biggest thing. With our team now the easiest part was getting here the thing is now is they want to stick around, and I hope they realize just because they are here doesn‘t mean they are going to stay here.”

*Is that the same advice you give to the guys on the team:

“Yeah, I give that same advice to the guys here. You have to prove yourself against some of the best players in the world-so it is hard to stay (at the big league level).”

Izzy and the Mets continue a three-game stretch against the Milwaukee Brewers today, with a 4:10 p.m. scheduled start time.

Mets starter Chris Capuano (9-11, 4.58 ERA) takes on Randy Wolf (10-8) in Game Two, as New York is looking to rebound from a rough 6-1 contest on Friday night.

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