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Reign of blandness continues on Raw

WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim GM of Raw John Laurinaitis still has a job, that is right WWE fans, the reign of blandness continues on the Flagship brand. The announcement came via the company’s official site www.wwe.com. This fan had a bad feeling that the exec would still have his job, with the company teasing the fact that the […]

SmackDown continues strange week in the WWE

Welcome folks to the WrestleChat.net SmackDown recap, in what has been an odd week of wrestling in the world of the WWE. Minus Randy Orton, the Blue Brand really needs to start developing some of their younger guys, which was a main theme tonight. SmackDown started with Mark Henry coming out to announce that he will take on the winner of […]

Faces get Love on Raw in Philly the day after TLC

Welcome fans to the WrestleChat.net Raw Recap, after an emotion filled TLC; it is the start of a new era in WWE, as the fan favorites are now for the most part wearing gold. The lone heel still holding on to his strap is Cody Rhodes. The Flagship brand started out with a bang as new champions Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder, who won the World Heavyweight […]

SmackDown stars fired-up days away from TLC pay-per-view

Welcome back WrestleChat.net fans to the Friday night edition of the SmackDown recap, as we are only days away from the TLC pay-per-view. The roster members of the Blue Brand were really allowed to shine, as there were several incredibly entertaining bouts during the course of the telecast. Finally after weeks of bombing, the Blue Brand got back to […]

TLC’s the theme on SmackDown as Rhodes and Barrett steal the show

Welcome back folks to another edition of the WrestleChat.net SmackDown recap. The WWE is only a week away from the TLC pay-per-view. In awesome news for all members of the Universe Lilian Garcia has come back to the company to announce the members of the roster. Garcia always has an enthusiastic way of announcing each member, setting up the energy of the crowd […]

Clash of the Titans set on SmackDown

Welcome WWE fans to the latest edition of the WrestleChat.net SmackDown recap.  After waiting a week, fans of the Blue Brand got the answer they were looking for as to who will be the number one contender on Friday night’s. There is a ton of action to get to recapping, so let us get things started in what was […]

A Blue Brand cliffhanger, as SmackDown leaves fans wanting more

Welcome fans to another edition to the WrestleChat.net WWE recap, it is Friday night and time to catch up on all of the happenings on the Blue Brand. There has been a ton of questions surrounding the show on SyFy-so let us get right to all of the action! One of the main questions surrounding the Blue Brand […]