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Halloween Treat as People’s Tag Team is formed

It will be a first and a last as The Rock and John Cena will form ‘The People’s Tag Team’ at Survivor Series. The pay-per-view is scheduled to emanate live from Madison Square Garden in New York City, so you know it is going to be an electrifying PPV. Welcome fans to a Halloween edition of the WrestleChat.net Raw Recap! The Flagship brand had it all on […]

Electrifying Raw, as the People’s Tag Team is formed

Greetings WWE fans and welcome to the latest installment of the WrestleChat.net recap! It is the Raw after the big Vengeance pay-per-view and there is a ton of action to get too, so let us dive-into all of the action. Triple H starts off the flagship brand in a sour mood, after being betrayed by his best friend Kevin Nash. Big Sexy interfered in the […]

Cena last man standing on Raw, as Champ looks to get Vengeance in six nights

Welcome WWE fans to another edition of the WrestleChat.net Monday Night Raw Recap. With the company only six days away from the Vengeance pay-per-view, and there is plenty of action to catch up on-so let us get to the recapping! The Flagship brand comes to fans from Mexico City, Mexico…a first in the history of the company. Probably the last person that […]

The Game has changed for both Hunter and the stars of Raw

Welcome to another edition of the Raw Recap from WrestleChat.net! The last we left the Flagship brand, 55 stars walked out on current COO Triple H, stating unworkable conditions on Monday night. It seems as if the WWE is reflecting the real life situation that is happening as of late. There has been a growing, grass roots protest, not only happening […]