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New York Jets Transcript – Head Coach Todd Bowles, 8.22

  On progress from the beginning of camp to now… We got nicked up a little bit, but that’s probably in everybody’s camp. From a team standpoint, coming together pretty good. We still have two weeks to go from that standpoint as well, but I’m pretty satisfied. We’re not where we want to be right […]

New York Jets Transcript – Head Coach Todd Bowles, 8.20

On if Sam Darnold is going to start against the Giants… What you’ve seen and what I’ve seen probably don’t mesh, but all three quarterbacks need to be ready to play. On if there is any game planning going into the third preseason game… We’re doing a lot of plays that hurt us and a […]

New York Jets Transcript – Head Coach Todd Bowles, 8.7

On the amount of interceptions today… I know it’s a lot of give and take and this is the first time as a team. The offense won some, and the defense won some so that was good to see. One side of the ball is never going to win and me being the head coach, […]