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VIDEOS: Richie DeGregorio and 360 Entertainment Give Fans an #EventtoCheckOut

1495 Sports caught up with Richie DeGregorio and 360 Entertainment about their upcoming events in New York City-make sure to check out the video below:

Pro Wrestling Corner: Brandon Lewis Interviews Adrenaline Express

1495 Sports is proud to bring this video interview between Brandon Lewis and Adrenaline Express who shares their thoughts on their victory at the Family Wrestling Entertainment (FWE Wrestling) Open Weight Grand Prix show that took place on 10/12:

VIDEOS: Pro Wrestling Corner with Johnny Knockout and Richie DeGregorio

1495 Sports is proud to bring the following video interviews-all done by Brandon Lewis: Interview with Indy Wrestling Star Johnny Knockout: Interview with Richie DeGregorio who has been bringing the brightest stars in the world of Pro Wrestling to autograph shows and appearances in New York City. Thus far Richie has worked with the likes […]

VIDEOS: Wrestling Spectacular 2

1495 Sports is proud to bring the following videos from the Wrestling Spectacular 2 show that took place in Edison, NJ. The autograph show that also featured live wrestling had some of the all-time greats in the world of women’s wrestling doing autographs, while featuring a show with great stars like X-Pac aka Sean Waltman, […]

VIDEO: Brandon Lewis goes one-on-one with Matt Striker

1495 Sports is proud to present the following one-on-one video chat between on-air host Brandon Lewis and former WWE announcer/superstar Matt Striker. In this interview Matt chats about his journey to the WWE, his work with Autism and Special Olympics and much-much more: For those who wish to meet Matt in person he is doing […]

VIDEOS: Diamond Dallas Page chats about DDP Yoga and more

1495 Sports is proud to bring the following videos as Diamond Dallas Page through his DDP Yoga program is changing lives. Already the Pro Wrestling icon has helped the likes of Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and has made it his personal quest to aid Scott Hall. This interview was filmed during WrestleCon: Diamond Dallas Page: […]

VIDEO: 1495 Sports chats from WrestleCon

1495 Sports TV is proud to bring the following videos: Dr. Lamar Braxton chats about being a chiropractor and hoping to get a chance in the world of Professional Wrestling: The creative team from the Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies movie…featuring thoughts from Cody Knotts who was the producer and director of the film and an appearance […]