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WWE RAW: Intense Episode on 6/15 Leads to some interesting feuds for the Company

It has been a long time Pro Wrestling fans since we have had a discussion with what is going on with the WWE on this website. Honestly can’t remember the last time I sat here and talked about Pro Wrestling on 1495Sports, but am going to do so today.

Why -because while watching WWE RAW yesterday there were so many questions that I felt made for an interesting debate topic. I know there are a ton of passionate Pro Wrestling fans that love to have their opinion heard so would love to get feedback from you and hear what you think as well.

Last night’s Episode of RAW was very intense. Lately the WWE has been trying to build up different feuds, factions and storylines. One of the featured feuds is that between two legends in Randy Orton and Edge. After Edge made his triumphant return to the WWE at the Royal Rumble fans were instantly dreaming of matches they would hope to see the Rated R Superstar participate in.

One of the last feuds I think I was expecting was that with Randy Orton, who is known as Legend Killer in the company. It has been so fascinating to see how personal the company has gotten with these two men; as you feel a deeper bond with both having seen them evolve and grow.

Thus far the two have had some epic clashes leading up to Backlash in where both participated in what is being billed the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever (no pressure for either man I am sure). Now the company is taking the rivalry to a different level as Orton took on Edge’s best friend in Christian last night on RAW. Christian who has not been medically clear to wrestle started out the night in trying to defend his friend Edge and the loss at Backlash, to only have his head punted off by the man known as the Legend Killer.

It was interesting to see the psychology that went into building that whole angle, because you had Orton who basically used mind games into getting Christian back into the ring to begin with. Then you had stars talking to Christian and trying to get him to not participate in a match with Orton to begin with. It will be interesting to see where the WWE will even go with this feud between Orton and Edge.

One would have to think that the company would want some sort of fitting match for both legends, if it is an Iron Man match or-if you were a writer in the company and if Edge and Orton could pull it off -how would you have this rivalry come to a conclusion.

Edge looks great even though there are rumors on the internet that he just suffered an injury because of the match and had to go through surgery. There are so many more amazing matches that Edge can have if in fact he is up for it, and so many stars that could benefit from working with someone who can have the type of matches that Edge can have in the ring. It will be interesting to see what happens next that is for sure.

The one aspect of RAW that has me really interested is what is going on with MVP and his ultimate goal with the company. It seems strange to me that MVP is more of a manager type of a character but also wrestling at the same time. Not too often you see something like that happening. What also seems strange is the fact that MVP has stood in front of R-Truth the current 24/7 Champion and yet he has not gone for that belt at all.

I would think personally it’d be a great accomplishment for an athlete like MVP to win the 24/7 Championship and he can say something like, ‘I’d like to bring the 24/7 Championship to a new level’ or something along those lines. The fact that MVP was in a Tag Match with Bobby Lashley last night to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship is interesting. So far he is billing himself as someone who is trying to help Lashley, but yet if you have a shot at a Championship do you not take it (especially the main championship with the company).

It’ll be interesting to see how long MVP will have Bobby Lashley’s back or if he is just using Lashley to serve a greater purpose -one that can propel MVP as an athlete. It was also seen on the episode that MVP was trying to recruit Apollo Crews to a potential stable.

Thought the match between Apollo Crews and Shelton Benjamin was fun, but really hope that they would have a rematch. For me Apollo is the type of athlete who is able to beat Shelton without having to use the ropes. I can understand the playfulness and why Apollo did it, but now is his time to shine. For years on the independent circuit Apollo has made his name on having great quality matches and winning them all cleanly. Now seeing Apollo to use the ropes -as someone who is a fan of Apollo Crews and his work I am unsure if I like that direction personally.

There were a ton of intense feuds and storylines that happened last night on WWE RAW. I’d love to hear back from my fellow WWE fans.  Let us not forget the ongoing feud between NIa Jax and Asuka. Also really glad to see more of a role for the Women’s Tag Team Championships as I felt like that got lost in the shuffle recently. The Folks in the WWE must be mind readers because I was just wondering if we’d ever see the belts defended in NXT as promised in the past and now we are getting a match between Sasha Banks and Bayley who are going up against Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart.

What did you all think of the episode last night and what were your favorite parts of it?

Feel free to leave a comment below and let us chat Pro Wrestling again!

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