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Athletes In Your Community: Mets Wright and Gee Visit Firehouse in Queens

The pain and sacrifice from those who gave up their lives during the September 11 attacks will never truly go away. For those who had loved ones run in to help when the Towers fell the pain will always remain.

David Wright and Dillon Gee visiting Squad 288/HazMat 1 on 9/10/14. Photo by: Stacy Podelski/1495 Sports

Days like today though always help as on a humid day in Maspeth, Queens New York Mets Captain and Third Baseman David Wright and Pitcher Dillon Gee made their annual visit to Squad 288/HazMat 1. The Firehouse was one of several that were severely devastated by the attacks, as there were 19 men that responded to the call and made the ultimate sacrifice.

For the Mets, who have been one of the more active teams since the 9/11 attacks, decided to adopt the Firehouse immediately after the attack, as the members and residents are less than five miles away from Citi Field.

Both Gee and Wright have an extra special perspective going into their visits. Wright a frequent visitor to various Firehouses throughout the New York area, has a Father who recently retired from the Police Department in Virginia. Gee, meanwhile, has a Father Kevin who is a firefighter in Fort Worth, TX, so the visit has an extra special meaning for both.

Though the pain may never truly go away, at least for one moment and one day a smile was put on the face for all who were in attendance and had the chance to meet Wright and Gee, who both interacted with the members of the house sharing smiles and handshakes for all.

1495 Sports is proud to bring the following video from the visit by Wright and Gee to Squad 288/HazMat 1:

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